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Bells Rapids Park Perth
Bells Rapids Park Perth

Yay we had a sunny day! We took the most of it to explore Perth and Fremantle, both very cosy, that’s the best word to describe it according to us. It’s all very modern, gorgeous, clean and cosy :) However quite small (well the city centers) so we kind of want to move on.. Next to that the fact that everything is so freaking expensive is making us want to go camp into the wilderness even more. To give you an idea, eating out ranges from 25$ to 100$ and more (where 25$ was our dinner at Ikea and 100$ was the one at Jamie’s Italian) & parking is usually around 4$-8$ per hour. Wednesday we can pick up our van and install all our newest goodies in it, can’t wait!


With some more days passed we gained a little more knowledge about Perth, apparently it only started to become a city 10 years ago because of a boom in the mining business. That’s why everything is so modern but small however, there isn’t that much to see and do especially not in wintertime. Luckily we received some tips for a couple of hidden gems like Bells Rapid Park, even though it sounds more like an amusement park attraction it’s actually quite beautiful to walk next to the wild flowing Swan river and we saw our first kangaroos there! Before that the ‘wildlife’ was limited to birds that sound like camels with a severe cold.. South Perth is also worth going to to take a picture of Perth’s skyline, next to that Hillary’s boat Harbour was quite nice for its aquarium where we got to see once again both tiny and monstrous sea creatures that could kill us in an instance. I might consider not going into any water that isn’t in a tiled pool filled up with chlorine tablets.


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