An awning is worth it!

Arno could never fit under this!
Arno could never fit under this!

We woke up at 6am again, this time because we wanted to be the first one to arrive at the ARD service centre as we were getting an awning installed. In this heat we realized we couldn't live without one anymore and since ARB is a pretty big brand over here we just did it! We left our precious van in their hands and headed to town on foot, after several kilometers we came across a bike rental, so bikes happened. All in all it was quite the sportive day, because when we drove back to the garage they had misplaced the awning, Arno couldn't even fit under it. ;)


Way better!!
Way better!!



We went to the doctor to get Arno's drugs prescriptions and did some other shopping meanwhile. Attempt number 2 with ARB was successful so now we officially have the coolest van! That awning is so nice, even though I was the one delaying and discussing it for a while first, I totally love it!

We set up on our great spot at our camping near Cable beach and to finish the day in date-night style we went to see Dunkirk at the world oldest garden cinema! Quite the experience and if I may say rather terrifying as well because of the fact that the airport of Broome is practically next to this cinema with planes coming over very(!) low and I'm not sure if you know Dunkirk but it's about the WWII battle on the Belgian coast, so yes, bombing planes flying over etc..  Every time a real one flew over I ducked a little just to be 'safe'. Anyway, very authentic evening and a movie I definitely recommend!

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    Lisbeth (Monday, 04 December 2017 21:14)

    MUCH cooler van now ��
    No problems with prescriptions by the doctor and finding the wright medications?