Survival of the fittest?

Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park

From Kununurra there were some things on the to-do list. We went for a hot dip in the Douglas Hot Springs and decided we’re never doing gravel roads anymore unless it’s absolutely necessary. The hot springs were extremely warm but very nice to be hot tubbing in the middle of a tropical park together with some fish who came smooching (not sure if that’s the word but it describes it best) now and then. Many people told us Litchfield National Park was worth a visit so we headed there, spend the night and saw all the falls on our way back the next day. Very accessible spots over there, nice pools by the waterfalls, quite cool! 

Arno taking the drone out for its first flight!
Arno taking the drone out for its first flight!

During the previous weeks we discussed that we were going to buy a drone to add some awesome shots to our vlogs, so obviously (mostly Arno) couldn’t wait to be in Darwin. Half an hour in we were already in a camera store and leaving like 2 thrilled children (again mostly Arno) with our newest flying camera. 

We went exploring Darwin city for a bit already, it looks very new, but it’s a beautiful town. They have made a secluded lagoon to take a dip, as the beaches here aren’t safe because of saltwater crocodiles. There’s also a wave pool, yes that’s like the ones in ‘Centerparks’ but outside, with higher waves and free bodyboards and tubes :) I don't have pictures of these yet so check out our latest vlog to see how cool this looks! Then there’s a little shopping street and a street full of bars. (Say what, bars in Australia?!)

Unfortunately our van had its first bad day as Arno suddenly didn’t have a speedometer anymore, verdict: our alternator is dead. Damn thingy’s going to cost us 600$, frustrating indeed, but hey that’s life right? The positive thing is that we bought  weekly unlimited bus passes to get in the centre so this time when we’ll leave our van behind, I won’t be falling off my skateboard ;) 


We’ll be staying in Darwin for a while as Arno’s spinal cord stimulator remote cable has melted from hugging our car engine on one of our drives so we’re waiting here for a new one to arrive by mail. Big thanks to Sonja, my mommy-in-law and Dr. Logé from St. Lucas Ghent for finding a solution so quickly! So in our coming days we’ll be visiting Crocosaurus cove where I will not be swimming with a gigantic crocodile in the cage of death as 170$ is still a tad much but we’ll be seeing them crocs from the dry land. And of course our one year wedding anniversary is coming up so we’re planning on having a good old date-night dinner here in town, budget-wise not a winner but it’s only once a year! ;)

Extra: talking about survival of the fittest, it won't be me, definitely not, last night I was eaten alive by, apparently, sandflies. I was warned for them but I'd only expected them in the summer on the East Coast, on the beach. Damn little creatures from hell are making me nuts! (They're half the size of my smallest freckle so you don't even see them) Halleluja for the nice campground folks with their soothing ointments though. One of my biggest dreams for years now is that doctors would juuuust find something harmless to inject in my blood to stop making me so damn attractive for bloodseeking things, because of yes, next to the sandfly bites, I obviously already had about 10 mosquito bites as well, lucky me! (Sorry, just had to get that out of my system)

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