Electronics I can't live without on long travels

Apart from the pretty obvious things like my phone and laptop (lightweight Macbook Air that I love!) I brought a couple of other things I have become rather fond of. 

Fitbit Alta

 First of all I have my Fitbit Alta, about 3 years ago I started off with the Fitbit Flex but meanwhile I have upgraded to the Alta. (an awesome gift from my hubby!) I love this activity tracker because it looks very elegant, it has a screen where you can easily follow your progress and the app is very convenient. Recently I replaced my (worn down) teal bracelet with a pink one and I love it so much I can't stop staring at it! I absolutely love it that every time I change the bracelet (at home I had the nude pink leather bracelet) I feel like I have a brand new Fitbit. I can't agree more with people that claim an activity tracker motivates you more to move, it does! If you're only 200 steps away from your daily goal, I'll guarantee you'll run some rounds around your campsite (in my case) to achieve that goal and feel the vibrations of the party going on at your Fitbit (oh yes, you'll get fireworks!). 


Now for those people like me that are rather scared of losing the Fitbit because the closure isn't like the ones on the bigger Fitbits (the Charge etc.) I have found these amazing little fasteners on Amazon for only a couple of bucks/euros, they came in a package of 10, in all different colors and they do a great job at giving you that extra safety you needed. I know I'm still wearing the blue fastener around my pink bracelet which isn't the most fashionable but I forgot where I put my bag of fasteners so for the time being I'll just hope the fashion police won't patrol in my area. 

Braun Silk-Epil Wet & Dry

Next to that,  I also brought my epilator machine from Braun, I have the Silk-épil 7 I believe. What I love about this thingy is that the battery lasts quite a while and that it comes with a shaving head as well. So if you're done with the painful moments of epilating (it gets better after a couple of times), you can also shave very smoothly! The really cool thing about this wet & dry feature is you can use it in the shower, which I always do, super convenient and with the handy light you won't miss a spot!


I didn't feel like razor shaving every two days, especially not when camping somewhere in the bush so that's why I took this with me as it takes a little longer for your hair to grow back. At first though I wasn't super happy with this machine as quite some hairs weren't removed however in Belgium I found this awesome head from Venus to put on it which had a razor blade in it. So the hairs that didn't get removed by the epilator are shaved, that was the smooth result I wanted, so that is a definite must-add (not sure if that's a word?)!

Nikon D3100

I'm a big noob in photography so for the pictures I brought a pretty basic DSLR Nikon camera, the 3100 model (which is an older model, Arno bought it years ago..). If I ever get better I will invest in a better lens but for now I'm pretty happy with this one. I have the easy to use Nikon buttons and I can also learn to shoot in manual mode. We did buy an extra battery pack for this one so I barely ever have to worry about the battery life! (Highly recommended for those like me who forget to check things like that!) 

Sony noise cancelling headphones (Bluetooth)

This one was actually a sale item at the time we were looking at headphones, there was a big reduction if you bought two exactly the same ones, so we did and now we both have these headphones. They're great though, they can be used wireless but also come with a wire so you can also use it without eating the battery. I never really knew much about headphones, only that they hurt my ears after a while. However as this is an over-ear one (Eureka!), they are super comfortable even for a long time, the sound is great and the noise cancelling really works (ask my ex-colleagues !) For that price I think this is an awesome headphone!


My E-reader is probably one of the best things I ever owned. As I love to write and aspire to become a pro, I like to read as much as possible! With this little thing I can carry around a ton of books, the battery runs for ever and I no longer suffer the struggle of trying to hold a heavy book above my head when lying down. I would highly recommend an e-reader to anyone! Especially for their price, a real no-brainer guys! Mine is a Tolino, which is only sold in a Belgian bookstore but Arno has a Kobo and he's super happy about his as well :) 

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