Moving on from Darwin

I haven't blogged a lot this last week, simply because our days were filled with checking the mail, cooling down in the pool, going to shopping centers ( supermarkets are always in shopping centers here) and playing Rollercoaster Tycoon (in my case, yup a lil' addicted I am). Buuut finally everything that had to arrive has arrived, the van is fixed and our laundry is done so we can head on and get back in the #vanlife roadtripping lifestyle ;) I have explored the Camps book and I'm hoping to be in Melbourne in about 20 stops (quite some sightseeing spots involved).


Yesterday our lovely neighbor sat down with us and told us so many great new tips, especially about Sydney, his hometown. So mom & dad, no worries, we will plan your stay! :) Also apparently our surfboard isn't really good for me anyways, instead I should get a really thick foam one so I won't be too frustrated about surfing as a beginner, I honestly can not wait! So if anyone is interested in a surfboard? ;) 

Cahills crossing, Kakadu National Park
Cahills crossing, Kakadu National Park

We drove out of darwin into Kakadu national park, the park ranger informed us we arrived just in time to see the high tide at Cahills crossing. At this time a road floods and all the fish go from one side to the other, where unfortunately all the smarter crocodiles are waiting for them. Pretty cool sight though, first time we saw the salties in the wild that close!

The next day we visited Edith falls in Nitmiluk national park and spent the night there. Tiniest falls we've ever seen probably, add to that the fact that these last 2 campsites didn't have power (which was never really a problem until we arrived to this 40 degrees area) and you know our first two days weren't the biggest success. Sleeping without shade nor our fan was horrible and smelly ;) Our fridge couldn't really bear without power either so yesterday we stopped for the night at Daly Waters Hi-Way Inn were we were lucky enough to find ourselves a shady spot with power, we woke up happy again!

Devil's marbles
Devil's marbles

We did the same thing at Devil's Marbles, treated ourselves with some power instead of freecamping. In this heat we won't settle for less :) Cool rocks btw those marbles, crazy how some can still seem to balance on 1/10000 of their actual size.  



We should arrive in Alice Springs tomorrow, if it's true what we saw on the weather forecast it will only be 20 degrees out there. I guess I'll better start unpacking those winter clothes! Ahh even if after 2 hours I'll probably be nagging about the cold ('cause that's what we Belgians are good at, nag about the weather!) I'm soooo looking forward to not sweating like a pig when taking two steps!

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