Our Vlog setup!

Being a vlogger is all about the camera gear. That being said, let me show you our setup!

Main camera

Our main film camera: The Panasonic Lumix FZ1000!

This camera is a beast and gets you a lot of bang for the bucks! 

It gives you 4K video (@ 30/25fps) for those crispy clear images and Full HD (@24/50 and 120 fps). I honestly think that this camera is a perfect beginner setup. The super slomo function at 120fps is a must have for any filmmaker/vlogger. It just gives that little extra to your videos. 

Although  this is a bridge camera (you can't change the lenses) It is equipped with a Leica 25-400mm lens which is like a telezoom lens. For a similar setup with interchangeable lenses from Nikon you will easily pay something around $1500 USD! 

Even the aperture in this lens is amazing, giving you a 2.8 from 25 to 400mm, perfect for those late evening shots.


4K images are great, but not without the perfect sound! That's why we bought our Rode Videomic. 

This is a shotgun microphone (meaning it is very directional) and works great for the beginning vlogger. The microphone just slips into your hotshoe on your camera and connects through a 3,5mm jack into your camera. It is suspended by the rycote brackets, meaning that you will never hear any sounds from your camera, as it absorbs all the shocks, a must have if you're always running around!   Oh, and for those windy days, buy a dead cat!

Action camera

Travelling without a GoPro is unthinkable, whether  you go swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking,... We use our GoPro any time when there's water around and we can't take our main camera. But make sure you get a remote too, that way it's easy to set up the camera and start and stop recording without having to look at the camera everytime.

360 camera

We doubted a long time, whether we should buy this camera or not, because of the price. But we haven't regretted it a single minute!

Sometimes you get to these places and you try to capture the scale and awesomeness and realize you can't do it with your normal camera... That's where this little guy comes in. Creating perfect 360 degree photos with an exceptional quality or 360 degree videos in that crispy 4K, really give you that immersive view of a place. And let me tell you, social media loves those photos/videos, where you can just point your phone in the direction you want to see. 

The camera works with an app, but the app is flawless,  it quickly makes changes in the settings and in no time you're back to making unforgettable shots!


Our latest purchase ! I have been asking for this little flying machine for months and 2 weeks ago my wife finally said I could buy it! 

This makes all the difference in our vlogging videos. Giving people an idea of the scale and size of a place, helps them to understand where you are. When you make the decision to buy a DJI Spark drone, be sure to get the 'fly more' combo, as this includes a remote controller (because the virtual joysticks on your phone just don't do the trick), an extra battery (1000% necessary  as 1 battery only has 12mins of flying time), and propeller guards ( as a beginner, I wouldn't fly without them as you are most likely to make small mistakes that can end up in crashing the drone against the wall or a tree).

In my opinion, this is a must have! It's so small, flies really easy and helps your videos go the extra mile! 

Tripods, monopods and stabilizers

Nobody likes shaky footage, so invest in some great stabilizing accessories !

Written by Arno. This my first blog post so tell me what you think in the comments! 

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    Nick (Wednesday, 27 September 2017 12:54)

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