Discovering Melbourne's surroundings

"A trip for the morale". After the applying marathon inside last week, Arno decided we should get out and make some nice new photos and videos, the summer said "hi" as well with temperatures above 30 degrees so off we went. About 1,5 hour drive later we arrived at a gorgeous lookout point in Sorrento (yup, Sorrento, Melbourne - I never claimed they were original with their naming here). We took quite some photos, let the drone out and enjoyed this great location. 


Sorrento town was rather small, 1 street with a couple of shops yet I stumbled upon something I wanted for a very long time, a hat! I know all the Pinterest girls already have them but still I wanted one so badly, unfortunately my very small head makes most of them look rather ridiculous on me. I felt it, this one was different. I adore it already, I mean it pretty much steals the show on the pictures right?! (oh I ordered a hat filler because the Small is still dancing on my head but anyway I love it!) We strolled a bit, had a drink and then decided to go to Rye to enjoy a pizza on the beach before we headed back to Sorrento's lookout point for some golden hour shoots! 

What an awesome day and I must add, what an amazing husband I have, who supports me in everything I do, cheers me up and doesn't mind (or acts like he doesn't mind) giving his opinion about the 12 hats I tried on. That's love! ;)

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