Chasing waterfalls!

You read it correctly, I have a job! I started today (Wednesday 29 November) as an HR Admin, for the ones who know me; Yes that's exactly what I did in Belgium, how awesome!! Anyway with my job in sight we had to make sure our last day was one well spent. Arno found something about a waterfall online so I was sold immediately (as waterfalls are awesome in my opinion). We headed off and drove to what I believe is the most beautiful road we've ever seen. Surrounded by sky high trees and low fern trees, this lush green scenery was absolutely stunning to drive through. I don't have a picture of the that so you better check it out in this week's vlog! On the road we also stopped at this gorgeous lookout, one tip for all Australia visitors: always stop at a lookout ;)

Just another lookout :)
Just another lookout :)

Once arrived at the Steavensons falls we were pleasantly surprised with their beauty. They were very very high and juuuust my luck because Arno found a walking trail to the top of the falls as well. I would like to add here that it was 30 degrees and pretty humid. We started the walk, ok mine looked more like I had irregular spasms as I was diving, jumping and turning to avoid creepy animals. Not to speak about stomping on the floor to scare the snakes off (no clue if there were snakes in that part but in here you can never be too sure). So you can imagine how gracious I finally arrived at the top of the falls, add a tomato-red face and 2 liters of sweat to the previous image you built up in your imagination and you'll be pretty damn close. However apart from me, the view was beautiful and definitely worth the hike. The sky was super clear so you could see far above the pine trees, not too bad!
Not a bad experience before starting a desk job again ;)

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