The Journey from Melbourne to Sydney

After Australia day, which was nice, good parade, nice fireworks, a shame it was raining so badly, we packed up all our stuff again to start our journey towards Sydney! 


We stopped overnight at Lakes Entrance and Eden, both beautiful little places and especially in Eden we had the most gorgeous campspot so far. Right at the beach in this gorgeous little bay. The wind was incredible so it probably wasn’t the most convenient but for scenery, top score!



Private beach in Eden
Private beach in Eden

Telstra tower view in Canberra
Telstra tower view in Canberra

One day in Canberra

After Eden we were off to Canberra, many people advised us not to go but we nearly had to pass it so we decided to check it out. (even though we later found out that we missed a couple of beautiful spots like Jervis bay by doing this stopover) Canberra doesn’t have a lot of camp sites I guess so our caravan park was rather pricey but very modern! 



When in Canberra, we explored the city centre, the parliament and the Telstra tower. The centre was pretty quiet but there were definitely some nice places to eat and drink and (surprise, surprise) a huge shopping centre. We really liked the parliament, the entry was free and you could stroll around at your own pace and preference. The surroundings are actually quite nice and the view is pretty cool. Also the Telstra tower has some amazing views over Canberra and a ticket to go up is only 7 dollars.


For a day-trip, we loved it!

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