About Kim & Arno

On this website we'll share all our memories, stories, pictures and videos of our latest adventure:


Our travelstory


We are a highly energetic, enthusiastic Belgian married couple chasing a lifelong dream of traveling down under! We're heading to the most perfect country for backpacking and exploring: AUSTRALIA!

We plan on buying a campervan and travel all around OZ for 1 year, starting our adventure on 4 July 2017! 


We've met each other in quite unusual circumstances, both working in an animation team in Turkey during the summer of 2013. Right from the start we knew we were perfect for each other. We both had big dreams of traveling around the world and exploring new cultures!


After 3 years we decided to get married! Best day of our lives ( so far) !

Our mutual travel dreams got us thinking and only 10 months after our marriage we left our Belgian jobs, apartment, friends & family for our most crazy adventure so far!


Stay tuned for weekly travel updates and van life tips and tricks!

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