Meet Arno!

 27 years old, 1m93, 85 kilo

I've always had 2 passions in my life: Light & sound and traveling!

After successfully graduating as a stage & light technician I started my career in a small rental and production company. Working more than 70 hours a week, creating atmosphere on all sorts of events, festivals and TV shows.. However I noticed something was missing, traveling! 


I was lucky enough to be able to travel around Europe sometimes for work, but not nearly as much as I wanted to. I started my traveling career with Snowblend. As a resort responsible, primarily in French ski resorts, I made sure the guests had everything going from skipasses to apartments and restaurant tips! I got so much satisfaction out of this job, I absolutely wanted to take it to the next level.


Along came a job offer from Xperience animation. They were searching for an animation chief in Marsa Alam, Egypt. So after 3 years I said goodbye to Belgium and boarded the plane! Time for a new challenge! 


My animation job was everything I hoped for and more! I had the time of my life and got to meet some wonderful people! After six months in Marsa Alam I transferred to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik, eventually I almost stayed for 1 year in Egypt. The winter of 2012 - 2013 had a new snowy challenge in store for me, again with Snowblend I was now responsible for multiple ski resorts in the French Alps. 


Then came the summer of 2013, the summer that changed my life. I left for another summer animation season, this time in Belek, Turkey. One month into this new challenge, along came Kim. Kim wanted to spend the summer in a five star resort in Turkey and make some money while doing this. It was love at first sight!


Since then we lived together for 3 years and in March 2016 I proposed to Kim, and she said YES ! We got married only six months after the proposal and with that we asked ourselves, why not make the coolest honeymoon ever; a year in Australia! And so it started ;)