Digital nomads

Who are they, what thrives them, where are they going?

Digital Nomad?

A Digital Nomad is someone who earns an income online. They have location freedom as long as they have a stable internet connection. Many of them are either traveling the world or working from home to spend more time with their families. To become a Digital Nomad there are tons of options, one more feasible than the other. Below you can find some options we considered to create this life for yourself including my own honest opinion. 

Some options

1. Writer/Pro-blogger

You could become a writer and selling your own e-books online or work with a regular publisher to get your copies sold. In this information age people don't only love to read fiction but also life stories, motivational books, manuals or instructional guides so your possibilities are pretty limitless. If a book seems a bit too much, you could also try pro-blogging. If you google that you will find many opportunities to write blog posts for companies, brands or magazines. 


My thoughts: I love to write but I'm terrible at coming up with stories so I'm afraid being a writer is not my cup of tea yet (never say never!). About blogging, I have my own blog and enjoy writing my stories however I don't really feel warm writing about things I don't relate to. 

2. Remote jobs via platforms

You could try to get some remote working gigs through platforms like Upwork or They have a very wide range of jobs on there, going from editing, virtual assistant jobs, translation to engineering etc. However as a beginner you have to build up your 'status' to show people you're a professional, accurate freelancer, in order to get hired. You could really build up a good network and possibly build up a nice monthly income with these platforms. 

My thoughts: I tried getting jobs on because they have a free trial. However I noticed that getting that first gig is pretty difficult as many people are pitching for one job and most of them for extremely low rates. I used all my free credits to pitch for jobs I was actually very skilled for, however I didn't have any response. So I guess these things might work but you'll need to put in a lot of time finding your first jobs and building your status. 

3. Being a Youtuber

Many people have successful channels on Youtube, some are even earning millions with it. We believe that if your content is good, authentic and personal you have a chance to be famous on Youtube. However to start making a little bit of money you'll need at least 10,000 views, to earn good money you'd better have millions of views ;)


My thoughts: We love making our vlogs and we'll definitely keep on making them. Of course we hope to reach a million views one day and be able to earn some with that. But for now, even getting those first 100 subscribers or 10,000 views is extremely hard. Our Youtube 'idol' Casey Neistat once said it took him 2 years to be 'discovered' and for his channel to start growing. So yes it could work but remember that you'll need some patience and that there are millions of others who're trying the same, so try to stand out with your content. 

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means you're earning commissions when people buy something that you're promoting. Amazon for example has the biggest affiliate network. You can find these opportunities by googling: "affiliate program + niche market" where niche market is something that you'd like to promote. For example: "affiliate program + hotels" might lead you to the affiliate program of so if someone books a hotel through your link you'll earn something too! However these commissions are on the low side and you'll need a lot of traffic before you will actually get something sold through your links. 


My thoughts: We started with affiliate marketing and built a business around it, even with less than 100 regular visitors to our social media. We've invested in ourselves by learning everything we can about this field and that knowledge we're sharing with others. Basically we're selling third party products from our social media channels. We stick with e-learning products and courses to grow one’s social media channels & monetize them. You don’t need any high following base or be an Instagram celebrity. You simply need to approach people who'd also like live a similar lifestyle, while earning money online. This has proven to be an amazing way for us to earn an income online while traveling, we're not 7 figure earners yet but who knows in a year or two?!

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