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Travel · 30. December 2017
To escape a rainy Christmas in Melbourne we headed to the 'exotic' Yarrawonga. About a 3-hour drive from Melbs. The weather was going to be great there, just what we needed for our Summer Xmas!

Travel · 21. November 2017
Puffing Billy, Melbourne's steam train is quite cute and drives through the Dandenong Ranges (a rainforest-like park) Oh and then we found the spot where we want to live ;)

Travel · 26. October 2017
We did it, the gorgeous journey from Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road! Not too shabby :)

Travel · 15. October 2017
Adelaide and its many gems; koala cuddling, farting kangaroos, beaches, markets, lattes with oceanview oh aaand we saw the winners of the World Solar Challenge finish!

Travel · 10. October 2017
From Alice Springs we went further South and ended up in Coober Pedy. The world Opal-capital, thus mostly underground (so Wikipedia says) and yet most unique yet weird town I have ever been.

Travel · 05. October 2017
When visiting Australia, Uluru is something you can not miss. And yes, this red rock is truly stunning!

Mind & body of an HSP-traveller · 01. October 2017
Being highly sensitive is a gift, many will say. If you're travelling in a 2,5 by 5 metres campervan 24/7 it's a bit different though ;)

Travel · 23. September 2017
For those who are wondering what electronics I brought on our road trip through Australia, a small list :)

Travel · 19. September 2017
As our waiting days in Darwin don't evolve many adventures I wrote a small post about 5 things I really didn't know before coming to Australia.

Travel · 12. September 2017
Unfortunately our car problems persist a bit as are my sandfly encounters, welcome to the world of mechanics and steroids!

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