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Travel · 30. December 2017
To escape a rainy Christmas in Melbourne we headed to the 'exotic' Yarrawonga. About a 3-hour drive from Melbs. The weather was going to be great there, just what we needed for our Summer Xmas!

Travel · 17. December 2017
For my very first Christmas away from home and in 30 degrees instead of 0 I was anxious to know how Melbourne celebrates this holiday. Because flip flops and Christmas trees are still a weird combo for me...

Travel · 29. November 2017
Last day of total freedom had to be spent in style, in Kim's terms, that means chasing waterfalls!

Travel · 21. November 2017
Puffing Billy, Melbourne's steam train is quite cute and drives through the Dandenong Ranges (a rainforest-like park) Oh and then we found the spot where we want to live ;)

Travel · 14. November 2017
To get my mind off the 'I don't have a job' thing we took off this weekend towards the Peninsula. About an hour from Melbourne you have these very cool beaches and small villages like Rye and Sorrento.

Travel · 07. November 2017
As I'm trying to earn a few bucks in Melbourne we decided to stay here for 3 months. Because it's cheaper and more convenient we thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to rent a room for that time! Oh and yes, we do miss our van life already to be honest, thankfully it is parked right outside our door..

Travel · 26. October 2017
We did it, the gorgeous journey from Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road! Not too shabby :)