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Travel · 26. October 2017
We did it, the gorgeous journey from Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road! Not too shabby :)

Travel · 10. October 2017
From Alice Springs we went further South and ended up in Coober Pedy. The world Opal-capital, thus mostly underground (so Wikipedia says) and yet most unique yet weird town I have ever been.

Travel · 23. September 2017
We're finally ready to head further South and leave Darwin. Our first few days can be summarized with wild crocodiles, tiny falls & smelly nights!

Travel · 19. September 2017
As our waiting days in Darwin don't evolve many adventures I wrote a small post about 5 things I really didn't know before coming to Australia.

Travel · 12. September 2017
Unfortunately our car problems persist a bit as are my sandfly encounters, welcome to the world of mechanics and steroids!

Travel · 06. September 2017
A full celebration day spent in Darwin city!

Travel · 30. August 2017
Well it won't be us I guess.. We made it to Darwin (for those that didn't get the clue)! Unfortunately we encountered some issues, nope crocodiles weren't one of them, not yet at least :)

Travel · 25. August 2017
We discovered the beauty of Lake Argyle by kayaking and sunset cruising this largest man-made lake in Australia!

Travel · 16. August 2017
We had an awning installed for our van, expensive but I do admit it's so worth it! As an extra you get a little Dunkirk the movie review!

Travel · 29. July 2017
The no-reception area hit us hard but at the same time we got to enjoy the remoteness of it all. Taking wood fired showers and spending the day with a whale shark!

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