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Travel · 27. February 2018
On our way from Melbourne to Sydney we stopped in a little paradise called Eden, and saw Canberra in one day!

Travel · 27. February 2018
On our last weekend in Melbourne we wanted to explore a bit more of its nature, so we headed for the Grampians!

Travel · 15. October 2017
Adelaide and its many gems; koala cuddling, farting kangaroos, beaches, markets, lattes with oceanview oh aaand we saw the winners of the World Solar Challenge finish!

Travel · 05. October 2017
When visiting Australia, Uluru is something you can not miss. And yes, this red rock is truly stunning!

Mind & body of an HSP-traveller · 01. October 2017
Being highly sensitive is a gift, many will say. If you're travelling in a 2,5 by 5 metres campervan 24/7 it's a bit different though ;)

Travel · 23. September 2017
For those who are wondering what electronics I brought on our road trip through Australia, a small list :)

Travel · 16. August 2017
Our van had its very first service so left alone with our longboards we headed off to the beach, well that was the original plan at least..

Travel · 09. August 2017
Back to civilization in Port Hedland (they have a Mc Donald's) and making our way to Broome!

Travel · 02. August 2017
The most beautiful national park of Australia they say..